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Automotive Components Creating Production

Sino Mould has been passed in the 1 of November, 2010, the American top quality qualification (AQA) International Limited ISO/TS19649 auto components manufacturing high quality management network. The qualification range has 4000g plastic vehicle components injection molding production. And mold companies at an early stage with ISO/9001: 2000 high quality administration network.
We are able to generate 95 % of auto plastic parts of the vehicle. This features plastic mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, splashing, installation, and setting up components circulation to automotive production lines.

The characteristics of automotive parts molding

To clean up - Lightweight - shock absorption - the economy - the source
Generally vehicle plastic lightweight, excellent look attractive impact, a number of sensible applications feature, pleasant bodily and chemical substance homes, easy molding process, energy conservation, and sustainable use.
Automotive parts forming the highlights lightweight. An assortment of plastics, the average proportion of only common steel 15-20 % lighter than the average wood. This feature prominent bit, minus a lot of dead weight, especially of top-quality large sedan.

Automotive parts molding can be once processed into products with complex shapes and a number of shades, occasionally printing, aluminum foil, embossing, multi-layer, tinting, refined into a very reasonable picture, patterns and styles can be imitation of organic timber, steel, pet skin structure, you can likewise show that hot stamping, foil, silver-plated, inlaid.

Automotive parts mold

Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd., is committed to the development of the automotive industry plastic mold, has a strong the professional mold management team and superb handling and screening devices, is a world-class provider of vehicle mold and mildew. Automotive components mold and mildew include vehicle bumper mold, shock absorber grille mold, control panel mold and mildew, side mirror mold and mildew, and automobile prototype mold, mold fixture production, and so on. Sino auto mold and mildew emphasis on the core innovation of the mold, high-performance, high-efficiency, high-life, and the pursuit of energy conservation, environmental protection, and humane characteristics, Sino automotive parts mold brand name world-renowned.

The auto components mold and mildew processing

Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd. has more than 20 layout designers, UG, Pro-E, Catia, Mold and mildew circulation and AUTOCAD software application, offering clients with effective design and analysis solutions. Precision machining equipments to obtain the needs of higher dimensional precision. Sino automobile parts mold play a high-precision devices resources, by co-coordinating the processing setup and justification procedure, a really high degree of realization of the mold and mildew components and the total dimension of the processing.

Automotive parts molding shot creating device

Automotive plastic parts, we are professional vehicle plastic shot creating producing business, is a team we offer the residential vehicle OEM mold and mildew advancement of automobile interior and exterior plastic components, auto indoor attractive products, plastic injection creating, from the initial information synchronization style to assembly, distribution, to the advancement of the auto mold and mildew, injection molding, detection. We have a thorough high quality administration system, stringent quality assurance procedures.
The FIFTY -20 000 grams injection creating equipment, can create automobile interior trim from small to huge selection of plastic treatment molding, strict product top quality administration, in rigorous conformity with the management system of vehicle components TS/16949. Our auto components plastic treatment mold to achieve the most perfect state.

The product of the vehicle components creating

Common automobile products of plastic items feature PP, EPDM, ABS, COMPUTER, PMMA, HDPE.

Instrument sets, front and rear bumpers, fog light cover, door panels, pillar panels, armrests, glove box, baggage decorative panels, grille air intake grille, and so on

-ABS Bumper top grille (electroplating pieces) tool control panel, and other areas that call for unique dealing with parts- PC, PMMA Prior to rupture, fog lights, back tail lights,.

Fuel tank, solitary channel, left and ideal front seat trim cover, around the vent pipeline installation.

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